Bento Lunches In The Heart of Montana


Welcome to Bento Lunches In The Heart of Montana.

What are bento lunches and why make them?

Well for the "what" part of that question click here What is Bento

As for why - well have you seen school lunches these days?  They are not exactly a tray of health to be fair, I don't expect my daughter to eat health food for lunch.  BUT, I do want her to eat healthy food.  I know that I will occasionally put a hotdog in her lunch, she will have lunch meat and even processed cheese, but she will also have home made chicken nuggets, pasta salad without tons of fat, sodium or sugar.  She will have a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Most importantly, she will have a smile - a smile when she opens her bento box and finds a cute, colorful lunch.

While making bento lunches is not difficult it is made easier with a few basic supplies and a bit of creativity. 

Creativity can be found any place BUT finding even the most basic of supplies in, what I affectionately call MON (middle of nowhere), MT,. is a bit more of a challenge.  Heck, finding even basic Asian ingredients can pose a problem. 

Thank goodness for the internet!!!

Use this blog to get some creative ideas, maybe even some not so creative ideas and when I find a great resource for supplies I'll share that with you as well. 

SO if you are in a large city or MON, MT we'll bento together.